My main focus is on finding ways to create bold, expressive and original pieces. How they look is only half of my mission. I also want my pieces to have a positive effect on the wearer, without having a negative effect on those who make them or the environment that surrounds them.

My pieces are inspired by my love of self expression and pushing boundaries through the catalyst of fashion. I like to say something with what I wear without having to speak.... If I walk into a room and I've had an impact on you before saying anything, that's a win. That is what my hats do.
Through selling my creations I feel something further. I've begun to see the wearer expressing themself in their own way, transforming my designs and determining their character. This gave me the understanding that fashion is a combination of clothing and of the confidence, self love and individualism of the wearer. Without that clothing is nothing. The essence of my designs is the inner beauty of the wearer. 
Mission images
I studied and graduated from the Grafton Academy of Fashion Design. I was delighted to become the first student in their 80 years to complete both of my collections out of recycled materials, I completed 20 pieces without buying anything new. My aim for each piece was that it was made entirely from materials that already exist (not what was in the fabric shops). This being my inspiration, it made for a unique outlook on eco-friendly fashion. The sustainable element did not limit me or hold me back. It opened doors into materials, colours and methods I would not have otherwise used. My designs developed and evolved during the construction process in a very spontaneous way. When I had run out of material and had to find something else to use, or I had set a task too impossible, and had to change routes halfway through; these were all times something accidental yet magical was created. I used old duvets, dyed blankets, an endless supply of vintage clothing. One person's trash is another's treasure. My aim was to reimagine those 'unwanted'..'old'..'existing' materials giving them a new and improved life.
This is when I really began seeing the beauty in good quality fabrics. Quality fabric can have many lives, whether it is transformed into something completely new or simply repaired. I was not attracted to 'new'..'quick'.. 'cheap'..'disposable'. I began to understand the true beauty in ageing, imperfections and longevity. This is an aesthetic and way of life many in Japan cherish, called 'Wabi-Sabi'. Here at Rashhiiid I treasure imperfections and the natural ageing process of everything in life.